Emergency Dentist in Good Year, AZ

If you are suffering from a compromised tooth or severe discomfort, timely treatment can often limit your dental damage. For this reason, we proudly offer complete emergency dentistry at Value Dental Centers in Goodyear, AZ. Knowing that emergencies can happen at any time, we have an after-hours emergency line that will forward to our on-call dentist. Often, he or she can see you that same day, providing important treatment that may even save your tooth. Plus, your dentist will tell you what precautions to take at home before you come to the office. With proper home care, your dentist can often save your tooth, even in cases of severe damage.

Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked out teeth are one of the most common dental emergencies, but it can still be quite alarming when it happens. Fortunately, when you follow appropriate guidelines, your dentist may be able to place your natural tooth back in the socket. To increase this likelihood, you should carefully wash off the tooth, removing any dirt and debris. As you rinse it, hold the tooth by the crown and do not touch the roots. If you can do so, put your tooth back in its socket. Keep it in place by biting down gently, often with a small piece of gauze. In some cases, biting may cause too much discomfort. In these situations, you should wash off the tooth and store it in a container of saliva, milk, or saline.

If your emergency dentist is not able to reposition your biological tooth, he will recommend an alternative restoration. At Value Dental Centers Goodyear, we offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges. Both types are custom-made and will be an almost perfect match to your smile.

Chipped and Broken Teeth

Broken teeth are another frequent dental emergency, and you should follow similar protocol if you experience this type of damage. After rinsing off the broken piece, keep it in milk, saliva, or saline. Then bring it with you to your appointment. Sometimes, your dentist may be able to bond the broken piece back on to your tooth using composite resin. The material will blend with the color of your smile, so dental damage will be virtually undetectable.

If the break is too severe, your dentist may place a dental crown. This type of restoration will improve the look of your smile. It will also strengthen your tooth and keep structural damage from getting worse. We use an in-office milling system to create crowns, so we can often provide highly lifelike restorations in about an hour.


You may experience a toothache because of cavities or dental infection. Although these conditions will develop slowly, the resulting discomfort can come on without warning. When you call our emergency dentist, we can provide tips to help you minimize your discomfort. For example, anti-inflammatory medications and ice packs can temporarily alleviate your toothache.

Of course, we will also provide treatment for permanent relief. Root canal therapy is usually the only way to save your tooth from infection. Alternatively, if you have a cavity, we will most often recommend a dental filling.

Damaged Fillings and Crowns

If your filling or crown comes loose, you can keep it in place with dental cement. This drugstore product will not permanently fix your tooth, but it will prevent significant discomfort before you come into the office. In most cases, we will replace your crown or filling with a new restoration. Because we use advanced, tooth-colored materials, your smile will often look better than it did before your dental emergency.

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