If you are suffering from a toothache, you deserve quick, personalized, and effective treatment. Toothaches can develop for many different reasons, including decay, infection, and gum disease. At Value Dental Centers in Goodyear, AZ, we offer a diverse range of services, and we have a number of specialists on staff. Therefore, we can successfully treat all types of toothaches. Root canal therapy is one of the most common solutions for dental pain. However, we can also provide fillings, deep cleanings, and a full range of additional treatments. We know that toothaches can often develop quickly and that discomfort may be severe. Fortunately, we perform emergency dentistry services and can often schedule you for a same-day appointment.

What Causes Toothaches?

Decay and infection are the two most common causes of a toothache. Both conditions are the result of oral bacteria. Without proper dental hygiene, microbes will build up in your mouth. Eventually plaque and tartar will form on your teeth. In turn the substances, will keep bacteria directly in contact with your enamel. Interacting with sugars in your food, bacteria will form acids, which will erode this top layer of your teeth.  As bacteria work their way deeper in, cavities will form.

If decay goes untreated, your tooth could eventually become infected. Infection develops when bacteria reach the pulp in the center of your tooth. From there, the microbes can travel along your dental nerves, which run down your root canals. Dental infection can lead to widespread discomfort, including radiating pain in your face and ears.

You may also suffer from a toothache if you have a cracked tooth. The crack could expose your nerves, leading to significant discomfort. Finally, gum disease can cause a toothache, especially if gum recession exposes your tooth roots.

Endodontic Treatment: A Common Treatment for Toothaches

Because toothaches often develop because of dental infection, we frequently perform root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment. First your dentist will numb your tooth. Then he or she will clean out the inner chamber and the root canals. After eliminating infected material, your practitioner will fill your tooth with soft gutta percha. Finally, he or she will place a dental crown. You may believe that root canal therapy will be very difficult. However, in most cases, the most noticeable effect will be almost immediate relief from your toothache.

Other Toothache Treatments

Dental fillings are another common option for toothaches. We will recommend this treatment if you have a small to medium-sized cavity. When placing the filling, your dentist will eliminate bacteria, which will reduce pain and inflammation. Then the composite filling itself will seal and strengthen your decayed tooth.

If you have a cracked or very large cavity, we may recommend a dental crown. Crowns are larger, tooth-shaped restorations that fully cover damaged teeth. Made to match your smile, your crown will strengthen your tooth and cover any exposed dental nerves. Thanks to our on-site milling system, we can often provide “Crowns While You Shop” in about an hour.

Finally, we can treat periodontal disease to restore your oral health and relieve your toothache. Scaling and root planing is a common treatment for gum disease, and it will enable us to remove bacteria from your gums. However, if you have suffered significant gum recession, you may require additional treatment, such as gum grafting.

Contact Us and Ease Your Discomfort

When you come to us with a toothache, we will thoroughly evaluate your dental health to determine the right treatment for you. Contact our office today to book your appointment and enjoy swift, lasting relief.